Catechetical Institute

    Knowing the truths of our Catholic faith—and being able to teach them—has never been more important.

     At Franciscan University, our mission is to educate and form young people in the beauty, truth, and goodness of the Catholic faith. We work to inspire them with a love of Jesus Christ and His Church, teaching them how to live this faith throughout their lives, evangelizing wherever God calls them.

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    Help Form Those Who Form Others

    The Catechetical Institute (CI) at Franciscan University of Steubenville works to equip clergy, religious, and laity to join the "army of catechists" called for by St. John Paul II. We offer a thorough formation in Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and Magisterial documents, with training in effective pedagogical techniques.

    Your gift helps to form the teachers of the faith in the United States and throughout the world!

    Thank you and may our Lord bless you for your generosity.

    Dr. Scott Sollom, Director, and Dr. Bill Keimig, Deputy Director

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    In addition to the ongoing work, some new initiatives underway at the Catechetical Institute include:

    NEW Priestly Renewal Track (currently in development)

    Every man in Holy Orders is worth the deep investment it takes to foster excellence in his vocation. Join our effort to support our priests and seminarians in their vocations through excellent, practical, and effective ongoing formation!

    In reaching out to assist diocesan bishops and religious superiors, Franciscan University aims to provide a high-quality series of workshops for seminarians and priests desiring formation for their leadership roles in the new evangelization. 

    This track helps seminarians and priests explore authentically Catholic approaches to outreach, inculturation, and communicating the kerygma effectively with strong follow-up. The workshops provide seminarians and priests with deeper formation for missionary outreach and increase their ability to attune parish life to be truly outward-oriented centers of evangelization and discipleship. 

    NEW Diocesan Leaders Track (currently in development)

    Serving the church on a Diocesan level is a uniquely challenging form of ministry. The risks of burnout and missteps are real and present daily.

    Our workshops, taught by veterans in the field, encourage faithful innovation, and an understanding of how to work collaboratively, seek success, and avoid common pitfalls.

    This track offers an array of practical workshops, speaking not only to newer diocesan officials, but also to more senior leaders, and even to bishops, chancellors, and vicar generals. 

    This track also supports the existing and growing gathering of diocesan officials at the annual St. John Bosco Conference, providing encouragement and intentional opportunities for in-person networking and sharing of strategies.